HANRIVER electric slimming leg belt heating sauna wraps anti cellulite fat burning slimmer-in Massage & Relaxation from Beauty & Health

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HANRIVER electric slimming leg belt heating sauna wraps anti cellulite fat burning slimmer Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Item Type Massage & Relaxation
Material Composite Material
Application Leg

Far Infrared Ray leg slimming belt can be used as a stand heat function,or in combination  with the other massage features.


Provides heat around the area of leg contact with the belt,thus giving you the relaxing feeling of a soothing massage.


When heat is applied to a leg part,the surface temperature rises and this heat transfers to the blood flow just below 

the skin. 


Blood vessels enlarge to accelerate the removal of the warmed blood so as to allow cooler blood to flow through the


heated portion. 


This process is called vasodilation and it promotes better blood circulation.

Product Type:
Leg slimming Belt
Far Infrared
Fat Burning



Decomposing superfluous fat by promoting metabolism, lipolysis and sweating of the body.

Eliminate harmful toxins, the skin smooth and soft.

Suitable for various kinds of body shape (fat or thin) by applying magic buttons

Enhancing the functions of body organs by activating hormone and ferment

Promote digestion, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism.

Discharging deposited waste from body such as mercury, lead and sulfur dioxide, etc.

Relieving tiredness, muscle ache and other nameless pains.

Features of Far Infrared Ray Slimming Belt:

Heating effect: keep proper body temperature, relieve nerve pain and muscle sore.

Maturing effect: promote the growth of body cells.

Purifying effect: supply the nutrition equally inside the body.

Dry humidity effect: promoting elimination of body waste, evacuation.

Counteraction: keep the proper moisture.

Resolving effect: promote the metabolism and keep the balance of nutrition by resolving every kind of nutritionHTB1dXg7QpXXXXb5XVXXq6xXFXXXGHTB1JFo_QpXXXXaOXVXXq6xXFXXXp360201811142200224553602018111422003202636020171109153225813_meitu_10P201604072342P201604072342