High Precision OGM Electronic Oval Gear Flow Meter, Liquid Flow Meter, Diesel Electronic Meter-in Counters from Tools

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High Precision OGM Electronic Oval Gear Flow Meter, Liquid Flow Meter, Diesel Electronic Meter Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Brand Name TailKuKe
DIY Supplies Electrical
Flowmeter type Volumetric flowmeter


Type1: LC flow meter 1.5 inch

Type2: OGM electronic flowmeter (waist wheel) 1 inch

Type3: OGM electronic flowmeter (old models) 1.5 inches

Type4: OGM sensor (new) 1 inch

Type5: OGM electronic flowmeter (old models) 2 inches

Type6: OGM electronic flowmeter (old models) 1 inch

Type7: OGM mechanical flowmeter (old models) 1.5 inch

Type8: OGM mechanical flowmeter (old models) 1 inch

Type9: LC flow meter 2 inch

Type10: LC flow meter 1 inch

Type11: OGM mechanical flowmeter (old models) 2 inches

Type12: OGM electronic flowmeter (new) 1 inch

Type13: OGM electronic flowmeter (stainless steel) 1 inch

Type14: OGM sensor (new stainless steel) 1 inch


Using media

Gasoline, diesel, kerosene, engine oil, lubricating oil, etc. are very suitable for the transmission of liquids with a large viscosity range. They are widely used in industrial and commercial fields such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, transportation and food. Readings are more intuitive and accurate than mechanical numbers and flanged hands!






LC series oval gear flowmeter


LC series roots flowmeter




Compacr structure, easy maintence


Easy to read easy to operate, back to zero, total cumulative.


It adopts aluminum alloy body, light weight, convenient installation and strong rotation performance.





1. The flowmeter is installed at the oil outlet end of the oil pump. If it is installed at the oil inlet, the pressure of the filter is damaged, so that the negative pressure of the oil pump is increased, so that the flow meter is not accurately measured. The inlet and outlet of the oil pump need to be completely sealed. Otherwise, Flow meter measurement is not accurate.
2. A filter should be installed in the front of the flowmeter to prevent particles larger than 0.2mm from passing through, in order to prevent the flowmeter from getting stuck or blocked by the particle surface. The filter should be cleaned frequently.
3. The check valve is installed in front of the flow meter, so that the pipeline liquid can only flow in one direction, preventing the meter gear from being reversed, or idling to make the flow meter measurement inaccurate.
4. The display of the flowmeter is mounted upwards or at 90°.
5. The direction of the arrow shown on the flowmeter housing is the same as the direction of the liquid, which is convenient for reading.
6. The pressure loss of the flowmeter is proportional to the liquid flow rate, the viscosity of the liquid increases, and the pressure loss also increases.