LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Apollo 4/6/8/10/12/16/18/20 180w/270w/360w/450w/540w/720w/810w/900w for Indoor Plant LED Grow Light-in LED Grow Lights from Lights & Lighting

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LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Apollo 4/6/8/10/12/16/18/20 180w/270w/360w/450w/540w/720w/810w/900w for Indoor Plant LED Grow Light Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Item Type Grow Lights
Brand Name winleaf
Power Source AC
Voltage 110-240V
Certification RoHS
Certification ce
Certification PSE
Certification FCC
Body Material Aluminum
Is Dimmable No
Light Source LED Bulbs
Warranty 3
Model Number led grow light
Width 17.5
Length 112
Features Full Spectrum
Material Anti alumina
Color Full Spectrum
LED Type 3W
Output Current 600mA
Remarks The above parameter is based on Red:Blue=8:1, 7:1:1,for reference only
item type grow light
Wattage 180w/270w/360w/450w/540w/720w/810w/900w
for indoor greenhouse tent hydroponic Medical plant grow light lamp


1.You can buy the corresponding light according to the stage of your own plant, or you can provide us with a matching scheme, we will produce according to your plan
2. If you don't know how to choose, it doesn't matter. As long as you tell me the plant you planted, we will recommend the most suitable program for you

Please note:
Dear buyer, because there are many kinds of color, so we will send random color. If you have special requirements, please tell us the color you want, we can custom color for free,thank you

These are the real power of led grow light , please read carefully before buying , Power based on the actual test
Apollo 4 Actual power: 110w-136w 60pcs*3W
Apollo 6 Actual power: 170w-210w 90pcs*3W
Apollo 8 Actual power: 230w-278w 120pcs*3W
Apollo 10 Actual power: 290w-360w 150pcs*3W
Apollo 12 Actual power: 350w-430w 180pcs*3W
Apollo 16 Actual power: 470w-575w 240pcs*3W
Apollo 18 Actual power: 530w-644w 270pcs*3W
Apollo 20 Actual power: 590w-720w 300pcs*3W
Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with water solution culture and soil culture. Can be used in house garden, pot culture, garden, sowing, breeding, farm, flower exhibition, bonsai, garden, green house, sowing,breeding, farm, greenhouse cultivation, water soluble breeding, greenhouse cultivation, pipeline cultivation and so on.
1. Do not use the lights in dripping water or anywhere where they will get wet, water and electricity can be a dangerous mixture.
2. The working environment for the light is -20~40℃,45%RH~90%RH.
3. To protect the light, Pls cut off the power when there is a lightning strike.
4. Don't touch or move when the light working.
Hydroponics medical plants grow flowering comparision:
Hang Height Suggestion:
1.Seedlingto day 7:30 inches from the plants
2.Day 7 to start of stretch:24 inches from the plants
3.Stretch phase:18 inches from the plants
4.Flowering phase:18 to 12 inches from the plants
Most of our chlents used our suggested spectrum,it greatly reduced the period
of edical plants flowering!660nm combined with IR 720-740 to create the
well known Emmerson Effect.that is natures suoer boost in flower.


Apollo 4 LED Grow Light 3W * 60pcs

Apollo 6 LED Grow Light 3W * 90pcs

Apollo 8 LED Grow Light 3W * 120pcs

Apollo 10 LED Grow Light 3W * 150pcs

Apollo 12 LED Grow Light 3W * 180pcs

Apollo 16 LED Grow Light 3W * 240pcs

Apollo 18 LED Grow Light 3W * 270pcs

Apollo 20 LED Grow Light 3W * 300pcs


Characteristics :
1. Use 3W high quality LED lighting source, the lifespan is over 50000 hours.
2. Replace 3~5 times of the HPSL power, 80% electric energy saving than the tradition HPSL and MHL.
3. High lighting effect, 90% of the light will be absorbed by the aquatic plant, but to the traditional HPSL and MHL, the lighting effect is just 8%~10%.
4. The input voltage is AC100V~240V,suitable for the world standard. Built-in power supply. No need other equipment, just access AC100~240V voltage from the plug, the lamp will be working smoothly, don't need the reflector and ballast either.
5. Revolutionary heat dissipation design, availably alleviate the internal thermal cycle, 10-15℃ lower than its precursor in performance.
6. Intelligent monitor system, ensure the whole equipment in a good working state.
7. Using advanced isolated power driver, UL standard output voltage which is lower than 45V DC.Soft starting protection to avoid the transient currents impact, effectively protecting the LEDs from high voltage damage.
8. Aluminium face shield design, housing available for various colors.
9. New product is lighter and more convenient for shipping,modular assembling very convenient for maintaining.
10. Modular assembling, no glue and glass design, very easy for repairment and maintenance.
11. New technology in fans will be more long-lasting,decreasing 50% noise.
12. Built with optical lenses, the penetration is more outstanding.,can be as much as 10-15 times powerful,available four options of lenses(90 degree,120 degree).
13. The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments, the same as the parameter .
14. Environment-friendly, no mercury and other harmful heavy metal.
15. Appearance features are also can be customer design,available shell colors:red,black,white.Face shield colors:red,black,silver,blue.Vents colors:red,black,ivory white,grey.
16. Customers can choose the different ratios, Our suggestion is red: blue=8:1 or 7:2, red: blue: orange=7:1:1. The suggested wavelength of the red is 620-630nm, the blue is 460-470nm and the orange is 610-615nm. With the mixture of red ,blue, orange, yellow, UV, IR and white lights, provide the plants needed nutrient light. The red LEDs are good for sprouting and flowering, while the blue LEDs promote the growth, at the same time, customers also can choose the more suitable wavelength and LED colors.

1.Tiptop Professional: we are professional manufactuer here in China, you will get Professional and High quality products from us and get good guarantee.
2.Cost-effective Price: we donot have the lowest price, but the products you get from us really cost-effective, good quality & decent price.
3.Win-win situation: Long term business is our Vision, I think you will agree with us if you are running a business, so we will provide good product and warming service to build a long-term business relationship with you
4.24/7 unlimted customer service: we are always here for you for your question, any question just email us or call us, we will try our best to help you all the way.
5.Long term warranty: we provide 3years warranty for the products you bought from us, so donot worry about the quality ,just wholsale from us and build your business

1.3years Manufacturer's Warranty for defective items within 3 years
2.we will guide you to fix it if gets small problems within 3 years
3.we will send you new items if the products are totally broken since technical or quality matters within 3 years
4.Retun and Refund: we provide 30days no question item return, we will refund all your money after we get the item, and we both provide 50% of the return shipping fee.
Above Delivery Date is applicable for most cases,However sometimes parcels may be delayed for holiday,festival,bad weather ,custom ,Etc,Besides Express shipping way may have tax issue,In those case,your comprehension and cooperation is highly appreciated
1.We accept moneybooker, Alipay, West Union, TT. All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor ESCROW, check the picture below
2.your payment is protected by aliexpress, it is very safe.
3.To ensure the value of our time please make payment within 3days.
Questions & Answers
1:Why is red light important for plants?Why is blue light important for plants?
Red light is very important to plant reproduction. Phytochrome pigments absorb the red and far red
portions of the light spectrum and regulate seed germination, root development, tuber and bulb formation,
dormancy, flowering and fruit productio
Blue light stimulates Chlorophyll production more than any other color, encouraging thick leaves, strong
stems and compact vegetative growth.

2:What kind of plant you can grow with our LED Grow Lights?
All kinds of flower plants:Special indoor plants,tomatoes,chillis,eggplant.rose etc.
All kinds of greens:herbs and leafy vegetables,lettuces,bok choy,etc.
Also suitable for indoor garden or indoor potted landscape(Most of our customers grow Indoor plants,tomatoes or lettuces etc,they got amazing harvest with our LED Grow Lights)

3:Which stage this led grow light can be used on plants?
It can provide all the light that Plants needs to grow and flower,to help plant grow quicker an better, increase yield.
We have tested the light on our own plants with great success.

4:I live in Europe/America,will this light work here?
Yes,because the voltage is AC85V-265V. 110V 120V 220V 230V 240V all is ok

5:Why the light is 300W Watts in the listing,but the actual power consumption have deviation?
First,this is bestva led grow light,not regular led light.Regular led light just have Warm chips and Cold Chips.
But Led grow light have Red Blue UV,IR..all used true chips,true power supply, but consumption cannot be watts enough,this is normal.
Second,As you know that the big advantage of led light is power saving,so it needs less power to run the light.
There are White,Blue and Red LEDs in the led grow light and the voltage of white and blue led is 3.2-3.4v and voltage of red led is 2.2-2.4v.
And consuming less power will not affect function of the light to plants.
Then Now you have known,the power will have deviation,
If you care, please consult us before buying.
If not,we will refuse dispute about power.

6:If one LED broken, will it affect working of other LEDs?
No! It wont affect other LEDs, the others are still work. Our design is that every led has a protective diode, It is very safe.
Zener diode protector for each Led. Even one Led out,the other Leds will still keep working.

7:Why this led grow light I got have a few dark chips?
Yes,UV IR likes dark and deep,that is normal.they are important for your plant...
It is hard to see the lights of the IR led clearly by eyes.Please don't think it is not working.
Instead, it plays an very important role in the flowering and fruiting stages of plants.